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7 Hot Projects From Consensus 2018 New York (Video)


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7 Hot Cryptos for 2018

Zilliqa– A high performance blockchain, already at 2000 tps with only 2000 nodes, mainnet to launch in September

Metronome– A June 18 “dutch style auction” is upcoming to distribute the ICO. This project is being touted as a fully autonomous Federal Reserve or money supply. It also aims to have predetermined inflation and perpetually low fees. Inter-operability with existing blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin is also a main focus.

Firmo– Is a derivatives exchange product. It has a working model already up and running, watch as the founder guides us through the interface. The derivatives market is the largest market in the world currently, somewhere around $1.2 Quadrillion. Assets are held in a tokenized smart contract to back up trades, the escrow is completely autonomous.

Thunder– Is a high performance chain, worked on by Elaine Shi, Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University. Their new consensus protocol, voting based, confirms instantly without block production of any underlying chain. They are using sharding technology to scale. They have raised $40 Million thus far.

Go Chain– Ethereum has some competition now as Go Chain has a platform where existing projects on ETH can move over to a more upgraded and scalable version of the technology. 100% Ethereum compatible. It is more green and uses Proof of Reputation. They claim 10x decentralization, 100x in performance and 1000x energy efficiency over current Ethereum stats.

ArweaveA permanent storage solution like Filecoin, Storj or Burst. It offers a permanent solution that doesn’t involve trust in a third party, that is vulnerable to change such as Dropbox. Arweave is the only solution that stores the data on the blockchain within the protocol. Others use IPFS which is not the same level of security or decentralization.

I Cash– Is a project aimed at decentralizing escrow, with proof of trust. This system of oracles and reputation to link the real world with the digital hopes to give security to those dealing with crypto transactions and their non-reversibility. Their upcoming token ICO is jumping through every hoop to stay complaint.

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